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As I mentioned in a previous review of my Walz Caps’ moisture wicking cap, I am a big fan of cycling caps due to their multiple benefits while cycling – no matter what type of ride and no matter what type of weather you …

Owner review: Walz Cycling Caps’ cotton cap – a stylish solution for cooler weather rides! Read More »

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I try my best to eat good quality foods because I understand the logical principle that you only get out what you put into your body. High quality, preferably organic foods are the best way of of supplying your body with the …

Owner review: Organic, natural sunscreens for cycling and other outdoor activities Read More »

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My new Walz Cap!

Background story (scroll down for the review if you’re not interested): Ever since a friend brought me back a yellow, cotton Colnago cycling cap from Canada a few years ago I have become a massive fan of cycling caps. At first my …

Owner review: Walz Cycling Caps’ moisture wicking cap – the perfect cap for warm weather cycling that you never thought you’d need! Read More »

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I’ve always wanted a mirror for my bike that would allow me to easily see what is approaching from behind while riding my bike without obstructing my handlebars or be difficult to fit/swap sides. After a bit of reading and testing I finally settled …

Owner review: Mirrycle Road Mirror for Shimano STI levers Read More »

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French Rhone-Alps region in the background

As I have alluded in several of my previous posts, I had been in preparation for a 9 week trip to Europe earlier this year during August and September. It all started back in 2009 when I first stumbled on …

Beer and baguettes: A wrap up of my trip from Bonn (Germany) to Marseille (France) Read More »

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Tarptent Scarp 2 - with optional cross poles in Normandy, France

Tarptent is a small American company with some big ideas and a solid reputation for making good value, high quality, ultralight and lightweight tents suitable for a wide range of activities. I spent a few months earlier this year researching …

Owner review: Tarptent ‘Scarp 2’ lightweight all season tent for cycle touring Read More »

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Over the years I have tried a number of chain lubricants, ranging from Teflon infused sprays, to chain wax and the traditional ‘wet’ chain oils/lubes. However I’ve never really been overjoyed by the performance of these products, plus most of them were …

An environmentally friendly way to keep your bicycle chain smooth and quiet? Introducing Green Oil ‘Ecological Chain Lube’ Read More »

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My BWR locked up at my work's 'secure' bike storage area.

I often have friends or colleagues ask me about how they can better secure their bicycle so that they can stop their bike from being stolen. The first thing I tell them is that it is near on impossible to make your bike 100% …

Bicycle security: General advice on keeping your ride safe and secure! Read More »

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Trangia 27-8 stove - full set up and burning!

Last Friday I received couple of large boxes filled with my recent purchases in preparation for my tour in Europe and cycle commuting in general. As I have been off the bike for the past couple of weeks after having surgery on …

Owner review: Trangia 27-8 UL/HA ‘storm-proof’ stove for cycle touring, camping, hiking and general adventuring! Read More »

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Showers Pass Elite 2.0 red jacket

Well I did have a user review of the Showers Pass Elite 2.0 jacket planned, but All Seasons Cyclist has beat me to it! I bought the ‘chilli red‘ version of the Elite 2.0 last year and have been highly …

Owner review: Showers Pass Elite 2.0 Rain Jacket For Cyclists Read More »

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