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How to correctly secure your bicycle

This information was created to be given to participants of bicycle information workshops that I have been running at work and with friends at home. The take-home message here is that it is important to keep your bike in a clean, …

Essential information for new bicycle riders Read More »

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As I mentioned in a previous review of my Walz Caps’ moisture wicking cap, I am a big fan of cycling caps due to their multiple benefits while cycling – no matter what type of ride and no matter what type of weather you …

Owner review: Walz Cycling Caps’ cotton cap – a stylish solution for cooler weather rides! Read More »

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My new Walz Cap!

Background story (scroll down for the review if you’re not interested): Ever since a friend brought me back a yellow, cotton Colnago cycling cap from Canada a few years ago I have become a massive fan of cycling caps. At first my …

Owner review: Walz Cycling Caps’ moisture wicking cap – the perfect cap for warm weather cycling that you never thought you’d need! Read More »

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This was filmed on Wednesday 28 November 2012 during my evening commute home from work. Usually the toughest part of my ride home is the fresh afternoon south-westerly breeze. However this day I had to deal with extremely strong, gusty cross/tail winds and salty …

GoPro POV chesty mount video: Fun and games cycling home during a late spring storm Read More »

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