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Reviews of various products related to practical cycling and/or cycle touring including bikes, clothing and accessories.

Overview Recently we were lucky enough to get a hold of a brand new, German made Focus BOLD² electric assist mountain bike (eMTB) to test ride.  The RRP of this bike starts at $5,499 AUD which may appear to be …

Rise of the Machines: FOCUS BOLD² eMTB Review Read More »

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As I mentioned in a previous review of my Walz Caps’ moisture wicking cap, I am a big fan of cycling caps due to their multiple benefits while cycling – no matter what type of ride and no matter what type of weather you …

Owner review: Walz Cycling Caps’ cotton cap – a stylish solution for cooler weather rides! Read More »

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I try my best to eat good quality foods because I understand the logical principle that you only get out what you put into your body. High quality, preferably organic foods are the best way of of supplying your body with the …

Owner review: Organic, natural sunscreens for cycling and other outdoor activities Read More »

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My new Walz Cap!

Background story (scroll down for the review if you’re not interested): Ever since a friend brought me back a yellow, cotton Colnago cycling cap from Canada a few years ago I have become a massive fan of cycling caps. At first my …

Owner review: Walz Cycling Caps’ moisture wicking cap – the perfect cap for warm weather cycling that you never thought you’d need! Read More »

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I’ve always wanted a mirror for my bike that would allow me to easily see what is approaching from behind while riding my bike without obstructing my handlebars or be difficult to fit/swap sides. After a bit of reading and testing I finally settled …

Owner review: Mirrycle Road Mirror for Shimano STI levers Read More »

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I know that one of the main things I wanted to know when I was doing research for my tour was what gear people were taking with them and why. So with that said, I present my own packlist with …

Cycle touring pack list for a European summer.. revised with comments! Read More »

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Shimano MT71 2011 Mountain Trekking Shoe

During my research for a good all-round touring and commuting shoe I was generally thinking of something that had the following features: They look low-key enough to sneak into the pub or wear around town off the bike Had recessed …

Owner review: Shimano MT71 Gore-Tex SPD MTB/Touring cycle shoe Read More »

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Tarptent Scarp 2 - with optional cross poles in Normandy, France

Tarptent is a small American company with some big ideas and a solid reputation for making good value, high quality, ultralight and lightweight tents suitable for a wide range of activities. I spent a few months earlier this year researching …

Owner review: Tarptent ‘Scarp 2’ lightweight all season tent for cycle touring Read More »

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Like it or lump it many people in developed nations now live in a techno-dependant society. For example I own a  Android-powered HTC smartphone which I absolutely love using as it has so many purposes and functions that makes general …

Owner review: Busch & Müller E-WERK – An effective, dynamo-powered solution to keep your electronic devices charged while cycle touring! [Updated: 6 Oct 2012] Read More »

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Ground Effect 'Zip-Tie' in Azure Blue colour

I’ve always disliked the majority of cycle clothing options on the market. Many brands and designs seem to be aimed at pro-racer ‘wannabes’ and not the average person who just wants to cycle in comfort without looking like a moving …

Owner review: Ground Effect ‘Zip Tie’ long sleeved summer cycling jersey Read More »

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