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“It exploded into flames basically, probably ten-foot-high flames to start with” Witness, via 9 News AustraliaSource: Feeling the burn A few days ago a man’s electric assist bicycle (ebike) exploded while he was riding with friends through the Adelaide …

Pants on fire: Why you should be wary of after-market ebike conversion kits Read More »

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Image Source:   We’ve been travelling around the United Kingdom and Ireland for the past month and have noticed a concerning parallel with Australia and the USA: pedestrians and cyclists wearing high visibility (hi-vis) at all times of the …

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Overview Recently we were lucky enough to get a hold of a brand new, German made Focus BOLD² electric assist mountain bike (eMTB) to test ride.  The RRP of this bike starts at $5,499 AUD which may appear to be …

Rise of the Machines: FOCUS BOLD² eMTB Review Read More »

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We’re huge fans of utility and practical cycling here at Velophile HQ. Some may be surprised to find out, but converting the humble bicycle into a versatile workhorse that is capable of carrying a week’s worth of groceries really isn’t …

How to: Ditch your car and carry cargo with a bicycle Read More »

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In a number of my other articles I promote the idea of owning your own bicycle-specific tool kit so that you are empowered to undertake basic bicycle repairs, maintenance and upgrades yourself without having to be reliant on your bike store and …

How to: Bicycle repair tools demystified! Read More »

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A few weeks ago I decided it was time to replace my Shimano HG53 9-speed chain on my Vivente World Randonneur bike after 22 months of use and about 9,500 km of all-season touring and commuting. To be honest I …

How to: Clean your bicycle gear cassette and make it look like new Read More »

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How to correctly secure your bicycle

This information was created to be given to participants of bicycle information workshops that I have been running at work and with friends at home. The take-home message here is that it is important to keep your bike in a clean, …

Essential information for new bicycle riders Read More »

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Viva La Resilience is an upcoming festival celebrating community, independence and sustainability. Come down to learn useful skills to save you money and the planet along with great food, music and company. The best part about it is that I will be …

Viva La Resilience festival! Featuring Velophile Australia and free bicycle maintenance advice Read More »

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The truth

A few months ago I came across a highly readable and practical financial advice blog called Mr Money Mustache (or MMM for short). MMM advocates people to take control of their finances and spending, as well as maximising their return …

How to: Become an unimaginably frugal bike-riding superhero‏ Read More »

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As I mentioned in a previous review of my Walz Caps’ moisture wicking cap, I am a big fan of cycling caps due to their multiple benefits while cycling – no matter what type of ride and no matter what type of weather you …

Owner review: Walz Cycling Caps’ cotton cap – a stylish solution for cooler weather rides! Read More »

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