As I mentioned in a previous review of my Walz Caps’ moisture wicking cap, I am a big fan of cycling caps due to their multiple benefits while cycling – no matter what type of ride and no matter what type of weather you will instantly be happier, more comfortable and better looking with a cycle cap on your head! I have around 6 caps right now and I have given many more away to people for gifts. I’ve found that they are the perfect gift for any type cyclist; whether they are hard-core roadies, fixie riding hipsters, functional-minded utility cyclists, or adventurous cycle tourers it doesn’t matter. Even if they have a cap already, there’s always space for a new cap style or material to suit a different use or situation. What’s more you’ll double that street cred and style if you have a cap made by a company like Walz Caps’ which are a small American company, hand-make their caps, offer a massive range of styles, materials, colours, patterns etc (they even have custom options). It’s really difficult not to talk them up when you see what is being offered on their website.

After learning of what could be described as my healthy obsession with cycle caps, the friendly crew at Walz offered to send a few different types of  their caps my way so I could road test them and then share my experiences with my readers. That’s definitely an offer too good to turn down, however I’d also like to state to my readers, for the record, that my opinions are always going to be open, honest and [constructively] critical if warranted. If something is no good I will tell you about it, I’ll also tell the manufacturer about it too so they can look at fixing or improving their offerings and make a better product for everyone to benefit from. I think this is pretty fair.

One of the caps that Walz sent to me was a limited edition ‘HTFU’ version of their 3-panel cotton cycle caps. The cap is made from thick, durable cotton and has a screen printed logo on each side of the cap as well as the underside of the visor, giving you extra cool points when cycling through the city.


Aesthetics aside, the cap is quite comfortable without a helmet and reasonable comfortable underneath a helmet, although I found that I had adjust my helmet tightness with this cap compared to my generic 4-panel cotton caps I also use. The visor is of good length, if slightly long so this may be a bit annoying if you have it flipped down while cycling in the drops. Considering I almost always ride on the hoods of my bike this isn’t an issue for me. I also found the visor difficult to flip up with one hand compared to my other cotton cap, as the visor is in a crescent shape and is longer too.

For the sake of brevity and digestibility, I’ll break the rest into my standard pros and cons list for this specific cap. See my other owner review of the moisture wicking cap if you want my thoughts about their customer service, shipping times/prices etc.


  • Durable cotton cap, easy to hand or machine wash (delicate cycle with similar colours)
  • Doesn’t develop odour quickly – comes with inbuilt antibacterial sweatband
  • Good for temperatures around 8 to 25 degrees C (use the moisture wicking cap for warmer temperatures or the wool cap for cooler temperatures)
  • Longer visor gives extra protection from the elements (especially good for low-angle sunlight)
  • Comfortable and looks good both on and off the bike (just remember rule #22).


  • Slightly more expensive than a generic cotton cap
  • Thicker material and elastic at the back means you might have to adjust your helmet size (if you wear a helmet)
  • Longer visor blocks some vision when riding in the drops
  • Difficult to flip visor single handed
  • You may end up with a few of these in your collection (n+1 rule also applies to cycle caps!)

Bottom line:

A comfortable, good-looking and durable cotton cycling cap perfect for riding in unpredictable spring or autumn weather. Walz Cycling Caps are available for sale from Evans Cycles (standard cotton 4-panel caps are currently 50% off) or direct from Walz if you want something special or custom made.

 I was also provided the wool winter cycling cap with ear flaps to road test. However as the weather where I live in Australia has been unseasonably warm I have only been able to wear the cap a handful of times as of yet. A full review will come soon once I have had a chance to really test it out under various conditions.