Owner review: Mirrycle Road Mirror for Shimano STI levers

Owner review: Mirrycle Road Mirror for Shimano STI levers

I’ve always wanted a mirror for my bike that would allow me to easily see what is approaching from behind while riding my bike without obstructing my handlebars or be difficult to fit/swap sides. After a bit of reading and testing I finally settled on the Mirrycle Road Mirror which is an interesting device in that it attaches to the top of pre-2010 era Shimano STI brake levers. After a few emails it was confirmed that this mirror is compatible with the Shimano Tiagra levers on my Vivente World Randonneur bicycle. I also bought the Italian Road Bike Mirror (IRBM) which is very popular amongst road cyclists looking for a sleek, subtle mirror on their drop bar road bikes. However I decided not to use the IRBM in the end as it is difficult to install and swap sides (useful when touring in Europe from a left-hand drive country like Australia).

Image source: Mirrycle Corporation © 2009

Here’s my overall thoughts of the Mirrycle mirror after using it for commuting and touring for the past 8 months:


  • Easy and quick to install using basic allen keys
  • Can be used on either left or right side of bars
  • Integrated with bars, looks good (I’ve only had compliments on it and people ask where to buy it)
  • Mirror is made of glass and of high quality, great field of vision and easy to quickly glance at without moving your head too much
  • Easy to adjust on the go, can be folded inwards to avoid catching on objects (e.g. if you take it on the train)
  • Easy to buy buy online. I got mine on eBay for around $30 AUD delivered


  • Sticks out and and can get accidentally caught/scratched on objects
  • Bike cannot be flipped upside down with it attached (e.g. to repair/replace a tube out on the road)
  • Needs two separate sized allen keys to install and adjust it, should have been designed to just use one single size for all purposes
  • Isn’t as tight and secure as it should be, which causes it to vibrate on bumpy roads making it difficult to be able to see what’s in the mirror
  • Limited compatibility with brake lever models, so not for everyone

Bottom line:

Easy to install with great rear-view vision. When I use a bike without a mirror I really miss it and realise how important it is to have situational awareness when cycling. From busy cycle paths or quiet country roads, you will benefit from having a mirror like this on your bike! Just be aware of the minor niggles and limited compatibility (email the company if in doubt). I’d recommend it to others. 7.5/10 rating.

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4 comments on “Owner review: Mirrycle Road Mirror for Shimano STI levers
  1. Christopher says:

    I also have a Vivente WR, the same model as you. I was keen to get a mirror as I had a mirror on my previous bike and knew the value of them, so thanks for your review.

    I ordered this model from Australia (I’m in NZ), and had it installed. Pity then that it was stolen from my bike some 8 weeks later. The person who stole it must have had the two allen keys needed to remove it, so I can only assume that he/she rides a bike and carries tools around with them. Annoying, I’ll have to order another, but meantime am without a mirror.

    The only drawback to this mirror is that the rubber on the hood didn’t quite fit back over the insides of the brifters so I was worried about rain getting into the casing and causing damage. Still, I figure, knowing what’s behind me is better then worrying about interior damage which is easily repairable.


    • Karl says:

      Hi Christopher

      Sorry to hear someone did something like that! What a rotten move!

      After using this mirror now for almost a year I have to say that I am still fairly happy with it. I don’t have any concerns with rain getting in the casing, it’s fairly well covered. However I do note that the mirror vibrates around quite a lot on rough paths making it difficult to use in those situations. That’s probably the main issue I’ve had with it.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Tim of NQld says:


    Just reading your blog to confirm my thoughts. I love my VWR (2010) but had trouble finding good mirrors. I saw Noel, mention these on the VWR site 18 months ago, sent an email to check my model would be compatible and he got back to me within 24hrs while he was riding in Costa-Rica.

    This mirror is the best I had had on a bike for years but as you say it is prone to vibrate on a rough surface.

    I believe a mirror is essential on a bike – much more important than a helmet. I’d rather avoid an accident then wear a helmet and be in one! I’ve always had a mirror on my bike, since the 1970s.


    • Karl says:

      Hi Tim

      I agree 100%. When I spent a couple of months in 2012 riding through Germany and France (sans helmet) I was definitely glad to have a mirror as I was riding a lot on main rural/district roads (often as there was no alternative). Drivers are quite good with cyclists in Europe, but it is still much more enjoyable and safer to know when a large vehicle is approaching from behind as this gives you time to find somewhere to pull over or at least be prepared for them to pass you. Back in Australia 90% of my riding is on bike paths and local streets, but again it is SO much nicer to see when a big group of fast riders etc are approaching to overtake. After using a mirror on my bike for the past couple of years I could never go back to being without one.

      Thanks for leaving your thoughts. Safe and happy riding! 🙂


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