I’ve always wanted a mirror for my bike that would allow me to easily see what is approaching from behind while riding my bike without obstructing my handlebars or be difficult to fit/swap sides. After a bit of reading and testing I finally settled on the Mirrycle Road Mirror which is an interesting device in that it attaches to the top of pre-2010 era Shimano STI brake levers. After a few emails it was confirmed that this mirror is compatible with the Shimano Tiagra levers on my Vivente World Randonneur bicycle. I also bought the Italian Road Bike Mirror (IRBM) which is very popular amongst road cyclists looking for a sleek, subtle mirror on their drop bar road bikes. However I decided not to use the IRBM in the end as it is difficult to install and swap sides (useful when touring in Europe from a left-hand drive country like Australia).

Image source: Mirrycle Corporation © 2009

Here’s my overall thoughts of the Mirrycle mirror after using it for commuting and touring for the past 8 months:


  • Easy and quick to install using basic allen keys
  • Can be used on either left or right side of bars
  • Integrated with bars, looks good (I’ve only had compliments on it and people ask where to buy it)
  • Mirror is made of glass and of high quality, great field of vision and easy to quickly glance at without moving your head too much
  • Easy to adjust on the go, can be folded inwards to avoid catching on objects (e.g. if you take it on the train)
  • Easy to buy buy online. I got mine on eBay for around $30 AUD delivered


  • Sticks out and and can get accidentally caught/scratched on objects
  • Bike cannot be flipped upside down with it attached (e.g. to repair/replace a tube out on the road)
  • Needs two separate sized allen keys to install and adjust it, should have been designed to just use one single size for all purposes
  • Isn’t as tight and secure as it should be, which causes it to vibrate on bumpy roads making it difficult to be able to see what’s in the mirror
  • Limited compatibility with brake lever models, so not for everyone

Bottom line:

Easy to install with great rear-view vision. When I use a bike without a mirror I really miss it and realise how important it is to have situational awareness when cycling. From busy cycle paths or quiet country roads, you will benefit from having a mirror like this on your bike! Just be aware of the minor niggles and limited compatibility (email the company if in doubt). I’d recommend it to others. 7.5/10 rating.