Well I am a few days late, but for those who haven’t noticed it yet Google have finally released an extra feature on their Google Maps service that caters for cyclists in many Australian towns and cities. It’s still in early stages so some of the routes might be a bit off or downright incorrect, but I had a look at the routes provided around Perth and they seems to be pretty accurate. They also have a user submission system, so if you spot an error you can flag it to be fixed or modified.

Screen shot of the new Google Maps bicycle directions!

I use Google Maps in conjunction with the WA Department of Transport’s cycle route maps a lot when planning my journeys by bicycle to try and have the easiest most enjoyable journey. However take note that they can be incorrect or outdated at times – so exercise a reasonable level of caution. Technology is great, but always trust your instincts!

The maps also show clearly how much of a black hole the Perth central area is for cycling. The City of Perth and Department of Transport have on many occasions pledged to improve cycling in and around the inner area of Perth. However it is obvious that we have a long way to go before Perth is truly a bicycle friendly city and can reap the benefits of such a status.

Have you used this new feature from Google? What are your thoughts?

Happy cycling!