An environmentally friendly way to keep your bicycle chain smooth and quiet? Introducing Green Oil ‘Ecological Chain Lube’

An environmentally friendly way to keep your bicycle chain smooth and quiet? Introducing Green Oil ‘Ecological Chain Lube’

Over the years I have tried a number of chain lubricants, ranging from Teflon infused sprays, to chain wax and the traditional ‘wet’ chain oils/lubes. However I’ve never really been overjoyed by the performance of these products, plus most of them were packed with pretty nasty smelling and sounding chemicals. Considering cycling is supposed to be ‘green’ it seems a bit ironic that most products responsible for keeping our bike’s components clean, smooth and quiet are comprised of toxic and carcinogenic petrochemicals and other substances.

Early last year whilst hunting around online for a different type of chain lubricants I came across the company called Green Oil which made a type of non-toxic, non-flammable, non-irritant and environmentally friendly chain lubricant, aptly titled ‘Ecological Chain Lube’.  I decided to give it a go as the other user reviews were positive, the product sounded like exactly what I had been searching for, it was available online from Wiggle, and it was quite reasonably priced compared to other chain lubricants on the market.

I’ve now been using Green Oil’s Ecological Chain Lube for around 18 months in all sorts of weather and conditions while cycling throughout the year. Overall I am very impressed. It is very easy to use, quite effective, smells nice and is easy to handle and last quite a while in good weather conditions. As it is a vegetable-based, wet-lubricant I do however recommend that you wipe down and dry your chain after riding in the rain and apply a few drops to the chain as it does come off in the wet. A small amount goes a long way, after all this time I have only used approximately 15% of the container. The way I am going one bottle of the Green Oil chain lubricant will last me a number of years of cycling in all weather conditions!

The package is almost completely recyclable too. As another bonus this product is excellent for touring as the bottle cap is designed to not come off and spill while in a pannier bag. Additionally as it is non-flammable and not an aerosol it is safe to take on planes. In preparation for my tour I have put about 15ml of the oil into an eye dropper container which should be more than enough for the 8 weeks that I will be away, even if I am cycling reasonable distances each day in all sorts of weather conditions.

Green Oil Ecological Chain Lube 100ml bottle next to my compact 15ml eye-drop bottle that I use while touring. More than enough for a couple of months usage!

Green Oil Ecological Chain Lubricant is available at all good stores, in particular from online UK stores such as Wiggle for an approximate price of ~$8 AUD plus postage (if applicable) for a 100ml bottle.

Overall I give it a 5/5 rating from my own personal testing and experience compared to other alternatives on the market that I have tried so far.

Green Oil also make a number of other ecologically friendly products to keep your bike clean and maintained. Check out the range on their website here. I haven’t tried out these other products myself, but if they are the same quality as the chain lubricant then they are well worth a look.

Happy cycling!


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